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For most beer stein collectors, particularly in the United States, the “discovery” of Diesinger steins can be traced to the 1991 publication of A Collector’s Guide to Diesinger Steins, by Patricia L. and Eugene V. Manusov. For all intents and purposes, that early cataloging effort put Diesinger “on the map,” providing listings with photographs for more than 160 confirmed examples, along with close-up images of … more


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significant location for the history of the German beer steins. It might have. been here, where the German beer steins were first produced in the 14th heritage of old traditions used to produce the world famous German beer. stein. One of the largest beer stein factories is King-Werk, located right in the mold archives in the industry more


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12/4/2015 · Most pewter lids dating from 1960 to present have a velvety, sandblasted texture. The word stein is a shortened form of Steinzeugkrug, which is German for stoneware jug or tankard. By common usage, however, stein has come to mean any beer container regardless of its material or size that has a hinged lid and a handle. Earliest Beer Steins more


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8/4/2015 · Marks found on the bottom of German beer steins help collectors identify the company or artist and date of manufacture. Collectors should also examine the underside of stein handles for marks. The material used to manufacture the stein can also help identify the beer stein's age. more


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Beer Steins Designed by Franz Ringer The Artistic Contribution of Otto Hupp to the Manufacture of Stoneware in Mettlach Non-Mettlach Ceramic Steins See also “Figural (Character) Steins” Identifying and Dating Diesinger Steins Adolf Diesinger Stein Catalog Collector’s Guide to Dümler & Breiden Beer Steins Dümler & Breiden Stein Catalog more


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As german as this historic dating was, it prompted tremendous german for civilization. And, of interest here, it is also responsible steins the origin steins beer beer stein. Recall from above that the distinction between a mug and a stein is the hinged lid. This lid steins … more


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11/15/2018 · “Stein” is a German word literally meaning stone but comes from the phrase, “Stein Krug” (stone mug). Steins come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, wood, metal and crystal. And much like storage units, beer steins range in size—from 1 oz to over 8 gallons. more


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9/6/2005 · Beer steins are an area of great interest to many collectors. A good place to start your research on your father's steins would be a visit to the Website of Stein Collectors International (, a collectors' club that boasts more than 1,000 members worldwide. Click on the SteinTalk page, where visitors can post photographs of their steins and ask for help identifying them. more


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Steins: A Brief History: The word "stein" is of German origin. The etymology of the word is either from "Stein Krug" (meaning stone jug/mug) or from "Steingut" (meaning stone goods). Steins are mugs used for drinking beer. They can be made of earthenware, pewter, wood, ceramics, crystal, porcelain, creamware, silver, or glass. more


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4/12/2017 · Identifying old German beer steins requires a keen eye. The first thing that you have to look for is a Made in Germany label on the bottom of the stein. Most imitations have Made in China or Made in Taiwan labels on them. An authentic German beer stein will always have a Made in Germany label, so beware of any steins that don’t have any mark at all. more


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But for definitive dating …Most steins have a thumb lift. When you depress it, the stein’s lid opens. If the thumblift is omitted, then it was not made in Germany. The inside of the authentic and old German beer steins can also be a great indicator. Most steins are displayed closed. more


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Dating German Beer Steins. 5/4/2017 0 Reacties Antique German Beer Steins - Collector Information. Antique beer steins, mugs and tankards are prized for their craftsmanship and colorful ornamentation and scenes. They can be found in many styles and materials, including copper, pewter, silver, pottery, ivory, porcelain, glass and wood. more


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by itself it translates as stone in German and does notrefer to a drinking vessel! While produced in a number of different materials, steins have been made in Germany for more than 600 years in a hard, vit - rified ceramic material called stoneware (German: Steinzeug). Beer steins made of this material have been referred to as more



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Choosing Antique German Beer Steins. You enjoy a good beer, but its lacking something, and an antique stein from Germany could be just what you need to enhance your beer-drinking experience. After all, Germany is known for its beer as well as for its beer steins, and a collectible German beer stein can be just as interesting and complex as the more


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PEOPLE / ANIMALS ON BEER STEINS AND DRINKING VESSELS “Hermann the German” – His Story on Beer Steins. “Gambrinus?” Who Was This Dude Anyway? He Was A Lot of Things, But Not a Patron Saint !! “The City of Dresden’s Green Vault’s Ivory Bacchus Stein and its Offshots” “The Loreley” [Lorelei] (on Beer Steins.) more


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Most beer steins come from Germany, where they were made at least as early as the 15th century. Outstanding pottery centers were Cologne, Siegburg and Frechen in the Rhineland, and Kreussen in Bavaria. Many small, unimportant peasant potteries came and went, their wares, names and locations long ago forgotten. more


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